Created in 2012 as the San Antonio Vaccine Development Center (SAVE), the Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio coordinates vaccine development activities across San Antonio. In addition to outstanding human assets and institutions in academia, health care, military, industry, government and not-for-profit entities involved in infectious disease, the infrastructure for R&D, education and health care in San Antonio is unique.

Programs span a wide range from basic R&D to applied and translational research with initiatives in prevention and treatment of acute and chronic infections. Bio-Defense activities include the military and its needs for dealing with infectious agents encountered by their personnel as well as potential bio-weapon threats.

The global nature of epidemics emphasizes the essential importance of international collaborations, and the Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio coordinates these efforts for the region.

Vaccine Development Center of San Antonio Conference Committee

Dr. Bernard Arulanandam (UTSA)
Dr. Paolo Casali (UTHSCSA)
Dr. Jean L. Patterson (Texas Biomed)
Dr. Guangming Zhong (UTHSCSA)

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